Martial Arts

Taekwondo vs Karate – Which One Should You Pick?

taekwondo vs karate

Taekwondo and karate are two of the most popular traditional martial arts that differ significantly. But which one is better? Karate is an all-around and, overall, more balanced style. Its concept and emphasis align with freestyle combat and self-defense scenarios you may face on the streets. Many styles and forms exist, focusing on striking and […]

Brazilian vs Japanese Jiu Jitsu – Which One is Better?

bjj vs jujitsu

What many people miss about jiu-jitsu is that there are two variations called Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu (jujutsu). Are these two forms of jiu-jitsu similar? What is the main difference between BJJ and Japanese jiu-jitsu? BJJ focuses more on positional and submission grappling. Most action occurs on the ground, where athletes battle for […]

Karate Belt Order and Ranking System Explained

karate belt order

The karate belt order might confuse some people as there are many styles and forms, each with a unique belt ranking system.  Still, it is not rocket science. In this article, you will learn how karate belt ranks work and how many color belts there are. Most karate styles have 9 different color belts called […]

15 Types of Martial Arts — Fully Explained


Have you decided to enroll in martial art training but can’t choose the types of martial arts that suit you best?  The first step in choosing the right one is to understand the different martial art styles. After that, picking a suitable style is easier since you know exactly what you want.  In this article, […]